Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What are MACROS Part 2?

Are you guys ready?

Like I said in part 1, this post is more educational. I don't want to only give you guys recipes and work out tips, I want you guys to learn the ins and outs of this stuff. Once you understand, you'll be amazed and appreciate your body for the beautiful machine it is!

Read more below!

Now that we are familiar with proteins, carbs, and fats and what they do for your body.. now we can focus on your macro percentages and how many grams of each you can have per day. Here is my personal macro breakdown on my personal MyFitnessPal. I took this screenshot on my phone. My macros are set up 40 fats, 30 protein, 30 carbs. I did this because I want to still enjoy my complex carbs in the morning and early afternoon.. and taper in the evening. The complex carbs give me the energy I need for my crazy workouts. Some people on low carb diets usually do 40 fat, 40 protein, 20 carbs, or 50 protein, 30 fats, 20 carbs.. it all depends on how many grams of each you want to eat. I eat alot of fruit, and fruit have carbs so I know a 20% carb is not realistic for me.

My fat gram total for each is is 97 grams.
My carb  total is 162 grams per day
My protein is also 162 grams (aim for about how much ur body weight is... )per day.

There are days when I don't reach my carb total, I will use those grams either for fats or protein.

The list also provides micronutrients such as sodium and ... SUGAR... which brings me to the point of this post.

Added Sugar is straight up poison!!! I tell you.. there is nothing far more worst hurting this country than sugar. Added Sugar is in everything! Breads, Pastas, anything with the label HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (my beloved Ketchup.. sigh) it's all bad for you! HFCS is something the government started putting in products as a cheaper alternative to sweeteners. The moment it was introduced in products in the 70s, thats the same time obesity in America was growing. Just the name alone makes me cringe.

I have nothing against natural sugars that come from fruits. Fruits are nutritious and taste great. 

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