Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is Weight Loss Geographical?

Hey lovely readers! As most of you know who follow me on instagram and myfitnesspal, im in Haiti on vacation. I have been here for over a week. The country is beautiful.. but thats not what I want to write about today. I want to discuss the weight loss I have been experiencing with minimal exercise

While I'm here, my hunger hormone has decreased. Maybe its because of the amount of activities Im engaging in that make me forget to eat; or maybe its the heat that usually causes me not to eat as much; maybe its extreme water weight caused by sweating; maybe its the organic freshly grown food; it could be a number of endless things but the fact is I'm shedding.
So far on this trip, I have been drinking tons of beer and alcohol. Sorry folks im on vaca! But it has not got in the way of the weight loss. Ive eaten white rice, spaghetti, and sugary cereal. No weight gain.
Some other cultures to think about are the Japonese, who stay slim by walking everywhere but eat alot of refined carbs.
Is it a mindset thing? Do you believe weight loss is geographical?

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