Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sugar.. cause of the obesity epidemic? [Video]

Dr. Robert Lustig is a renowned pediatrician at University of California San Francisco. His famous 90 minute Sugar: The Bitter Truth lecture has been viewed by over 3 million viewers on Youtube. In the lecture, he supports why he believes sugar is the cause of obesity and illnesses sugar as diabetes, heart disease, hormone deficiencies, and more. Click below to watch him on Good Morning America 

It's no surprise here that added sugar has been on the rise. For decades now it has been debated whether FAT was the culprit of obesity or SUGAR. Let's go back in history :

  •  In the 1970s, heart disease was killing people left and right. The American Heart Association assumed, hey fat makes people fat so lets start a "low fat" "no fat" campaign.

  •  In the 1980's, they started pushing for the no fat or low fat in foods. In the 1980's people weren't concerned with what the food industry was doing, everyone was scared about HIV/AIDS. 

  • So it wasn't until the 1990s, people started noticing changes in their food, their health, and their waist lines. 

Remember this??? This was the beginning
When the food industry started to take out fats in their products, the food tasted like crap. So what they did to replace the fat was add HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in their products. HFCS is cheap, taste just like sugar, and makes you crave more food. They began to remove fiber from their products, and continuously added more and more sugar. Food companies do not have to mention how much sugar is natural sugar and how much is added sugar. All that is required in the nutritional label is the total amount of sugar. They also do not need to list all the ingredients in the ingredients list (Nutritional Labeling & Education Act, 1990.)

What the hell is all of this?
So what about fruits? Whole fruits such as apples are good for you because they contain fiber. Fiber in fruits are good because it regulates how fast the sugar gets inside your body. All sugar (whole fruits) are not the enemy, just the hidden sugars that are in processed foods. The sugar that is added into all those low fat products. 

After decades of debating, physicians, nutritionist, and people like you and me have realized that fat is not the enemy, sugar is. What can you do about this? First off, try to eliminate all processed foods. No chips, no cereal, no candies, no donuts, no McDonalds, no bread, etc. Try to stick to WHOLE FOODS such as plain oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, oils. 

Instead of buying flavored low fat yogurts that have over 25g of sugar, choose plain greek yogurt and add fresh fruit on top. Even better, mix the fruit inside of the greek yogurt overnight, in the morning, the yogurt will change to the color of the fruit. It will taste just like the flavored yogurt you use to eat, minus all the added sugars and hidden poison.

A calorie isn't a calorie. You need to look at all nutrients on labels, not just protein, carbs, and fat. Sugar is the most important one because it has the most affect on people without them even knowing! Next time you go grocery shopping, stay away from those processed foods and only buy fresh whole foods. Try it for a week, I promise you will feel different, and lose a few inches along with it!

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  1. That was helpful. I never look at how mch sugar is my food.