Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm becoming a Yogi!

I've always incorporated some type of yoga stretching into my workouts. Although, I never noticed how my flexibility, balance, endurance, and overall stress levels were improving! A few months ago, I regularly began doing yoga either in the morning or night daily. I started with positions like child pose, downward dog, mountain pose, tree pose, plank etc..

The thing with yoga is that it is not only a physical practice, it's a mental and emotional practice...

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Yoga teaches you that, today you may not be able to reach a certain goal, but with determination, practice, and patience, you will eventually reach it. I believe yoga is life. Think about it.. how many times have you felt discouraged about something, thought you couldn't reach it.. until you look back and you say wow.. I can't believe I made it!

A month ago, my downward dog was horrific. I couldn't keep my feet planted flat on the floor. My heels always were raised because my hamstrings and calves were not flexible enough. Now I am able to do a downward dog with my feet planted with ease! This sort of progress shows that you can achieve anything you want in life. All you need to do is focus! It will come!

Here are pictures of beginner Yoga poses. Practice maybe 5 of them starting off every day. Focus on your breathing. Try each pose with 3-5 breathes. Long breathes. Inhale with your nose..exhale with your mouth. Listen to some relaxation music.. or to Drake.


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