Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5 or Less! : Salsa Chicken Bowl

This is for them folks that don't have much in their pantry! Maybe you're in college, or you are running out of things in your kitchen to cook. Don't order take out.. here's a simple dish with only 5 ingredients! Every week I will feature a recipe titled FIVE OR LESS. It's simple..these dishes are only 5 ingredients or less!
Oh you fancy huh?

I wish I had a name for this dish but I don't! Haha. I literally was at my boyfriend's apartment thinking to myself...what should I make him for lunch tomorrow? He had these 5 ingredients



Ok... how is this going to work? I thought maybe, I can make a taco bake again? Nah.. I already did that two weeks ago. I thought... maybe I can grill the chicken then mix it in the refried beans... nahhh.. yuck! Then..... BINGO!

You will need:
1. The 5 ingredients listed above
2. Seasoning of any kind. I use (pepper, lawry's, chili seasoning, garlic, roasted peppers)
3. 1 TBS oil

1. Chop up chicken breast into cubes. Season
2. Heat up pan, put 1 TBS oil, put chicken cubes inside. Stir continuously while cooking. Put on medium, cover with lid for 10 minutes
2. Put mixed veggies, cover lid for 2 minutes
3. Pour whole bottle of salsa (or 2 cups) into pan. Add 1/2 cup of water. Turn heat to low, cover pan.
4. Pour refried beans in microwavable container. Microwave for 2-3 minutes.

How it should look after salsa and mixed veggies 

Refried Beans

This can be served in two ways. Either as a light dish appetizer, shown in the picture above, or more as a salsa chicken bowl, pictured below.

For the appetizer look: Pour chicken and mixed veggies on a small plate. With a spoon, grab a small amount of refried beans, place directly in the center. Add some veggies and sauce on top of the veggies. Sprinkle some cheese on top. (130 calories)

For the bowl look: Put about 1 cup of refried beans on the bottom of the bowl. Add chicken, mixed veggies on top. Add a handful of cheese on top. It should look like this below (270 calories)

Salsa Chicken Bowl. YUMMM!

 This meal is low in carbs, there are no starchy carbs involved. This is a perfect appetizer, lunch, or dinner. There is alot of FIBER, PROTEIN, CALCIUM, and good source of VEGETABLES


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