Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Portabella Mushroom Cap Cheeseburgers!

Today I decided to try a recipe I saw on Blogilates.  This recipe is so easy!  It's yummy and guilt free! 

Read how to make this juicy burger after the click!

Prep time: 15 minutes
4 Portabella Mushrooms
8oz of ground turkey

Preheat oven at 400 degrees. When oven is heated put portabella mushrooms in oven (no pan is needed.. trust. you want to dry out the mushrooms as fast as possible.

While mushrooms are in the oven, you are going to season your ground turkey with any seasoning of your choosing. I did Lawrys, basil, chili powder, pepper, and chicken season. Then mix in celery and onion to make the burger a little fuller. 

Place in George foreman grill and cook for 10 minutes 

After 10 minutes, place cheese, onions, and tomatos on grill. Let cook with uncovered for a couple minutes

Take portabella mushrooms out of oven after 40 minutes or until they have dried out. Place burgers on portabella mushrooms, put toppings and enjoy!!

Calories per serving 350
Servings 2
 and lowcarb yummmmm!!Perfect for a lunch or dinner!
And if you wanna have a perfect side... pair it with some baked sweet potato fries! :-)
** if you want to save calories..use 2 oz per serving instead of 4. That will make the burger 200 calories!
Wanna save more calories?? No cheese will save you 50 more calories 

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