Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Perimeter Shopping! 3 Tips for grocery shopping

Ever walk into the grocery store and have no idea what to buy? You enter through the main door and see an aisle full of processed foods! How on earth do you not buy processed foods when they are right in your face? This is when perimeter shopping comes in to play! Click after the jump to learn about this new trend!

If you don't know by now.. grocery stores are all a marketing scheme. Any type of store, whether it is clothing, electronics, home furniture.. they set their items in a way to lure people in and buy things. The colors, product placements, lighting, this is all marketing. Grocery stores work the exact same way!


This is how a majority, if not all supermarkets are set up. The freshest food is put in the perimeter of the store. They keep it at the perimeter because it is easier to restock and put in and out because these are the foods that have a short shelf life (they are fresh). The processed foods are in the aisles. These foods are the ones you see right when you enter through the doors. They are eye level, directly in front of you, great lighting, bright colors. These foods are in the center of the perimeter because they have a longer shelf life (processed). Get it?

When you enter the grocery store, do not enter the aisles (unless you need household items). Stick to the perimeter. All of these foods are the freshest and are the best. This is a great way to lose weight and inches quickly. When you eat fresh food.. they have a short span life in your body.. in and out. When you eat processed foods.. they last longer in your body.. constipation..bloating.. weight gain.

Here are a few tips next time you go grocery shopping!

  • Tip 1 Do not go shopping when you are hungry. Make sure you get a good filling meal before you go. Drink tons of water. Bring water with you.

  • Tip 2 Make a shopping list. Try to keep the list with whole foods. Fresh veggies, fruit, meats, dairy, oils etc. Categorize your list. Dairy: milk, cheese, greek yogurt. Meats: Chicken Breast, Turkey Bacon. Veggies: Spinach, Squash, Peas.There are great shopping list ads for iphone and android if you want to keep it mobile. (I will upload my list)

  • Tip 3 Stick to the perimeter! Aim to only buy products that come from the perimeter. Some items in your list may fall in the aisles, such as seasonings, mustard, ketchup.. but try to keep your focus on the perimeter. 

Try these tips next time you grocery shop and let me know how it works out for you! Leave any questions or comments below in the comment section!

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