Friday, October 18, 2013

How To Shrink Your Lower Body [video]

Want smaller, toned, slim thighs? Click below to watch the secret on how to achieve them!

I use to work on legs maybe twice  a week. I did this because I witnessed men doing it the same way. WRONG!

The reason men only train certain parts of their body twice or three times a week and not everyday is because they want to get bigger (bigger muscles.. not fat). Rest days allow the muscles to regenerate and get bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER.

This video explains how instead of working out legs only 2-3 times a week.. do them maybe 6 times a week! This is THE SECRET! Not what workouts you're doing, not what machines you're using, but the frequency!

Me personally, I have lost a total of 2" off of each thigh. I do squats, lunges, plie squats, scissor kicks, yoga everyday.. and that is not included with my gym workouts. At the gym I focus on box jumps, leg press, weighted squats, lunges with bicep curl, leg curl, hamstring curl, pretty much any machine that is geared to the legs.. I'm on it!

Give it a try I promise you will notice your legs slimming down!

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