Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fall Challenge 2013

The summer has been an eventful one for me. I've traveled and partied like no other! As the temperature slowly gets cooler and people are heading back to school , reality is starting to set in. Fall is right around the corner!
Most people didnt have their summer beach bodies this summer and thats alright! I wasnt at my goal , but I embraced and accepted where I was. I think my problem was that I started working out in March 2013 hardcore. This time I plan to start NOW!
In a few days I'll go into detail what the fall challenge will be. This is a list of what yoy will need to do.
1) Buy mini tupperware to preplan your meals
2) buy 5 gallons of water
3) Buy a food diary or join myfitnesspal and add me: Blackgirlfit
4) focus mainly on whole foods.. foods with less than 5 ingredients.. brown rice...sweet potatoe..lean meats...veggies...fruit etc
5) throw the scale away and buy a tape measurer
6) join a gym or do home workouts (free on youtube)

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