Sunday, April 21, 2013

So whats with this juicing thing?

If this is not the newest craze of 2013, I don't know what is! Yes juicing. Lets get to the point and skip all the non sense, shall we?

What is juicing?
Juicing is extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Thats as simple as it gets. Juicing takes away all the skin and just leaves you with the vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins and nutrients that most of us lack due to the unhealthy things we feed into our bodies. The human body is made up of many cells that need healthy food to keep them replenish, vibrant, and energized. Healthy cells promote healthy digestion, skin, hair, immune system, heart and more. Juicing fights against heart disease, cancer, acne, diabetes, and other health concerns. It flushes out all the bad toxins out your system.

Why is juicing so awesome?
Besides all the points I made above, juicing is like a restart button. Juice contains no fiber, which allows the juice to go through your body without really working too much on your digestion. What does this mean? This means your body can chill and sit back while all the vitamins and nutrients do its work. Its like drinking water with a load of extra loveliness inside. 

How long should I juice for?
This is all up to you. Some people juice once a day, on top of their regular meals. Some juice twice a day. Some do juice fasts, that last anywhere from 1-30 days. It all depends on your personal goals. I personally juice once a day.

Is juicing for weight loss?
NO! This is where people fail. Juicing should never be looked at as a quick gimmick to lose weight. Yes you'll lose numbers on the scale, but most of it will be water weight. Juicing does aid in digestion by cleansing you from the inside out, but you should not view juicing as a fast weight loss program. 

Organic? Non Organic?
Its best to go organic all the way, because there aren't no pesticides. But there is nothing wrong with non organic. Just make sure you thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies before you put them in the juicer.

I hope I answered some of your questions! You can buy a juicer anywhere nowadays! The best juicers for the best price i've seen are at GMC and Walmart. They cost around $50. This is the best investment you can do for your mind body and spirit.  I'll make another post with a bunch of my favorite recipes!


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