Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Focused

I've been on a plateau for the past month or so. Not really gaining weight.. but just hovering over 168 lbs. I know my meal choices and lack of exercise is the reason. We all go through those times when we just don't want to care. But not caring doesn't erase our problems/issues/concerns. So...I want to make this promise to you! But most importantly to myself..

This coming month of June.. my goal is to be a solid trim 160. I know I can get there. And here is how

1) NUTRITION is important. I plan to pre-pack my meals. I will be documenting all of this on my new instagram.. @blackgirlfit. ive decided it's best I keep my personal social networking sites separate from my fitness/business sites. So stay tuned for instagram, twitter, and vine.

2) EXERCISE. My biggest challenge is getting to the gym..i'm looking either to rejoin the old gym i use to go to or continue doing DVDs. Turbo Fire and Insanity 6 days a week.

3) WATER.. no problem here. i drink water alot.

4) TRY TO RESTRICT CARB INTAKE. yes yes and yes. this is what works for me may not work for you.


Its never too late to get focused guys! Don't get frustrated. Get back up and get back at it!

<3, BlackGirlFIt

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