Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weight loss never ends

I've mentioned before on my blog that weight loss is more of a lifestyle journey rather than a diet. It's a paradigm shift that only you can shift when you're ready. You put all your sweat and tears at the gym, focus on your nutrition, say no to the beer.. and once you achieve your goal weight.. what's next? Maintaining?

Well, it's easy to say maintaining is easy by just eating the amount of calories to maintain your weight and exercising the amount of days needed to maintain your weight. But weight loss and maintaining is not just plugging in numbers and getting a deficit.. it's much more difficult.

Weight loss does not take into account any life struggles, traumatic experiences, sickness, hormonal imbalances, fear, sadness, addiction, and others like such. Weight loss just the outer appearance. Once you reach your goal weight.. how will you maintain it when life happens?

You see, what I did not warn you guys is that life happens. I am not going to pretend and say I have not yo-yoed the past four years. It has been a difficult journey for me and my weight sometimes reflects on that. I know many of you look up to me, and I admire that, but I need you to dig deep inside yourself and find out why YOU need this. Weight loss is so much deeper than vanity.

Weight loss never ends because life is always happening. You will be upset at times when the scale rises, or when your clothes do not fit, but just look at that as an opportunity to push through and fight.

I will be updating the blog and focusing back more on meal planning and exercises. If you do not follow me on myfitnesspal please do at @blackgirlfit. Also tweet me at @fitgirljess.

xoxo Jess

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