Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are cheat days/meals worth it?

This past weekend my boyfriend took me to the movies.
Instead of hitting up our usual theatre we decided to go
visit a new one..... big mistake! 

Mistake number 1...We ordered 2 chicken tender meals (protein.) It took the people behind the counter 30 minutes to say "we have a problem with the microwave." Excuse me?

My boyfriend walks back into the theatre with no chicken in sight im like "wheres the chicken?" He says calmy "something is wrong with the chicken thing."

I turned ratchet in 2 seconds and said "oh no I want my chicken! We paid for it!" He looks and says he got a refund. I marched my way back to the counter and gave them a piece of my mind. Guess what? They gave me 2 tender meals and a pizza for free! #Bosslife #Thuglife

I ate the pizza and did not enjoy it at all. I didnt feel good. I asked myself, "is this what cheat meals are all about?" Stuffing your face with a meal you're "NOT" suppose to be eating?

I believe that the reason I did not enjoy the cheat meal was because I already programmed my mind that food isnt something I do as an activity.  I eat because I am hungry and need fuel. I dont feel like I NEED to eat that pizza. It wasnt "tempting" me. It was just pizza. Actually in my mind I viewed it as starchy carbs.

 I believe cheat meals should still hold nutritional value

The next day I went to work out and my body felt as if something was holding me back. I couldn't run a mile like I did the other day. My body knew something was off and this was the result.
After weeks of training and proper eating... why hurt such progress??  I understand cheating as a way of tricking your body and speeding up your metabolism ....but dont eat crappy food. Its not worth it!

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