Monday, September 23, 2013

Social life & fat loss

It seems like everybody I know is born in September. I've been to more birthday outings this month than for any other.  I love to go out and "TURN UP" but sometimes I ponder... is this negatively affecting my fat loss journey?

One can can go out and NOT drink. Yeah you're right. ..but I'm not going to pretend im some fitness junkie who doesnt enjoy a nice cocktail or two or ten. On the weekends, I tend to go out (not always parties..sometimes to movies..or bowling etc) and always end up drinking. It just happens.

The longest I went without alcohol was almost 8 months. It was a personal decision and I stuck with it. It had nothing to do with my fat loss journey. But im starting to think maybe I should space out my drinking. I sound like an alchy.

Anyone else having this issue? Do you notice better results when you do not drink alcohol?
Recent pictures from this weekend! Loving my new bod.. can u say HOUR GLASS??

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