Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating Clean : Food Diary 5/5/13

Today was an amazing day! I feel so energetic, happy, and clear-headed. As you can see, all my meals were clean. I drank about 11 cups of water as of 8pm. I might drink 1 more before bedtime.

I went to the gym and burned about 600 calories doing 1 hour of cardio and strength training.

Breakfast: Green smoothie
Snack: Boiled egg and ham wrap
Lunch: Naked Green Machine
Dinner: Brown rice, spinach, baked chicken

I ate 1240 calories today, burned 607. Myfitnesspal calculated if I continue eating and exercising like this I will be 150.7 lbs in 5 weeks. Just in time for 4th of july!

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Xoxo, J

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