Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hey welcome to my blog, BLKGIRLFIT! This blog is dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and a new lifestyle journey. I started my weight loss journey in fall 2010. My highest number to appear on the scale was a whopping 196 lbs! Yes, 196!! I felt sluggish, my shins hurt, and I could not fit into my sexy dresses anymore. I knew I had to make a change. By May 2011, I lost 50 lbs! I ate clean, controlled my portion sizes, and worked out 5 times a week. My body was not prepared for this weight loss, and it appears I was not either. I gained 20 lbs back over the next year and a half. Now I am on a mission to drop the last 15-20. I would like you to join me!

I want this blog to be simple. I will focus mainly on food, exercise, exercise programs reviewing (insanity, turbo fire, blackgirlsworkouttoo, brazilian butt lift etc), and research/science behind weight loss. I'll also post videos of my journey, documenting the highs and lows.

This blog welcomes all races and genders :) The title of the blog is just my nickname on Myfitnesspal (an app that allows you to track calories and post on messageboards)

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