Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New You

Fitness doesn't have an end journey. One can say, my goal is to weigh X lbs, my goal is to drink only water, my goal is to run 5k, my goal is to fit into size 2 dress, but what about after you reach your goal? What next?

Fitness is a lifestyle. It's a constant flow of highs and lows. It's forever. Everyday is a new challenge, a new opportunity to reach a higher goal. Embrace the moments. One moment I will never forget is getting my bachelors degree at 154 lbs (9 months prior I was 196). That moment reminded me that during those times of fear, doubt, and despair, that I made it.

Right now you are probably one of the millions trying to start a new workout plan. You got the DVD, you got the cookbook, you got the new Nike's, you got the gym membership, but do you have the mentality? Do you have the mentality to keep going even if the scale hasn't moved in 4 weeks? It's moments like these that determine whether or not you got it or not. 2014 is ours!

I love fresh starts :) 2014 is going to be an amazing year here at Fitgirljess. I will still be uploading my recipes, but I'll also start adding more personal entries so there will be a face to the blog. Entries about what I did for the week, things I'm dealing with mostly that affect my exercise or nutrition, love life :), travels, and more. 

I want to thank you soooooo much for sticking around with me. This blog was a little idea I thought of a couple years ago and now the audience is picking up all across the world :) You guys are amazing .

Now let's get to it ! #fitin2014 

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